About Us

Who we are and why we do what we do

At AEC People, our goal is simple. We want to help developers, architects and engineers. To plan, design and deliver their projects faster, cheaper and safer.
But not just as isolated in independent clients. Our services and solutions are designed to be streamlined across the project timeline. So that each stakeholder have the resources and capabilities to carry out their specific function in the project planning, development and delivery collaboration.
Why do we have this approach? We believe in the in the future of, and the very exiting direction, the UK AEC industry is going. We see too many black holes in an outdated and dis-jointed service provision that developers, design, and construction businesses rely on.

The AEC People approach is to be part of the team and to focus on the projects. We do this by providing a streamlined, multi-service, solution; optimized for your project delivery.

• BIM Level 2 / ISO19650 implementation
• Revit Implementation
• IM Capability implementation
• Training
• Software licenses
• Managed Services
• Custom computer solutions
• Recruitment

We offer set prices, clear deadlines and a real solution to cash flow, change management and business disruption risks.

We are not consultants, we are AEC People.


AECPeople is green, health and well-being conscious.

We supply Britta filter water bottles and Thermos food flasks to our team members to help reducing the use of plastic bottles, waste and also time during lunch. In stead of finding and cuing for something to eat. We encourage a lunchtime walk instead. We also run AECPzen. Our team members can plan in a days in between holidays and weekends to do health and well-being activities. those days are still workdays but with minimum focus on problem solving. Light admin and catch-up can be conducted from the location of choice. E.g. the beach, on a train up to the lake district for the weekend, in the cafe at the yoga studio or in Italy. The majority of the working hours should be dedicated to stress release and re-charging.

We find that de-stressing and nurturing happiness bring a consistent positive attitude in to our clients environments and we can better deal with challenging and time critical issues. In the last 12 months we had 1 sickday between the whole team, 100% delivery of tasks on time and 80% renewal of client contracts.

What we are proving and leading by example with. Is that improving a work life balance with emphasis on health and team trust and morale. lead to a healthier business that deliver at 100%.

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