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Provide a “large practice" BIM service to your clients. With the small practice advantages and reduced risks to cash-flow, change management and disruptions.

Shared Experience

A BIM Journey

This short video is shows the journey of a small practice during their adoption of BIM. It will give you a great insight.

Cost to get "BIM Ready" . . .
Starting from
  • You will receive all 22 documents that will help
    define the process you need to follow
    to become BIM Level 2 / ISO19650 ready.
£895 Ex VAT

BIM Startup Pack

Want to make the move to BIM?

The “BIM Startup" approach to implementation helps the practice manage their cash-flow, minimise disruption, Change Management

Read more about the AEC People, BIM options for Small Practices here: BIM Options

What is the BIM Startup Pack and WHY are we providing it?

You are probably well aware by now that BIM is not a software but a process.

Over the last decade, we have supported some of largest practices in the country in their implementation of BIM Level 2 and Revit. During this time, we have developed a robust process and associated technologies that is the foundation for our Fast Track solution, aimed at practices with over 20 staff.

The “BIM Startup Pack” solution is based on the Fast Track, but designed to support the Small businesses and their unique challenges.

Now, from 2019. ISO19650 is the new BIM standard to adopt. And, the developers are now in charge. Supported by the Center for Digital Built Britain and the UK Government.

By opting for our Startup solution, you will become BIM Level 2 / ISO19650 ready and be able to tender or sub-contract for BIM project or coordinate and collaborate in a BIM capacity between the design teams.

Alternatively, if a client requests BIM Level 2 / ISO19650 compliance, you will be able to adapt to requirements in a timely manner.

Future proof your business today by signing up to one of our options.

This offer is only available to Small businesses with 20 or fewer staff.

What do I get for my money? It depends on the BIM Startup Pack Option you choose. Option 1 include:

AECP-BIM-Competence and Capability Documents – A description of how BIM is used in the practice

    • AECP-ProjectName-XX-XX-XX-RP-A-PreContractBEP – A response and/or information on how the practice will comply with the client’s requirements and BIM Process.

    • AECP-Project-XX-XX-XX-RP-A-PreContractResponsibilityMatrix – An overview of the planned deliverables per project stage e.g. Doors with fire rating

    • AECP-Project-XX-XX-XX-RP-A-Pre-ContractBEPTIDP – An overview of the type of deliverables e.g. 3D model

      • AECP-ProjectSetupProcess – Documents outlining the process for managing the setup of a new project
        • AECP-ProjectName-SupplyChain-BIMAssessmentForm-V1.0 – A document that ask BIM related questions. To be sent to any subcontractors/Supply chain that will provide products or services.

        • AECP-Revit and BIM-Assessments – Assessments following to be taken following BIM and Revit training/workshops
    • AECP-XX-LearningRecords – A record of training and assessments carried out
    • AECP-Validation and Review forms – Checklists for validating and reviewing content, models and projects
  • AECP-Revit Resources – BIM Level 2 / ISO19650 compliant Revit setup.

  • AECP-Training/Workshop – 2 days full training/workshop on a project. Learning the technical as well as the BIM process in a practical environment.

  • AECP-Change Management Strategy – Not a Required BIM document. However we include this as an added value to help the practice with change management and drive the processes and technology in the direction the practice want to go.
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