Women In Construction

Be a 16%er

AEC People conducted a survey on the reasons why one (men and women AEC professionals) would not take the leap and setup a new business.  We found that the top 3 issues are:

– Getting clients

– Capital to setup a practice

– Business setup (Admin, IT, Tax etc.)

Add the a statistic related to women taken from #AJ, (see reference on the right) 9 out of 10 women are facing difficulties in getting back to a professional role after having children. But, only 16% of those women decide to setup their own business.

Combine the 3 points from the AECP survey with having to look after children, perhaps knocked confidence after being discriminated against and not knowing where to start.

Its almost an impossible situation.

AEC People have created a solution on the back of our way of working, existing developments and resources to provide a genuine helping hand to setup and getting a new business off the ground. 

The solution is aimed at women and the reason is three-fold:

1. Tackle discrimination – Common sense. We cannot have people discriminated against. We aim to help with the gender issue here

2. Utulise available professionals in the UK – again, common sense. We cant complain about shortage of professionals if we choose to not use available professionals.

3. Meeting the goals and targets set-out in the Industrial Strategy – remove gender in-equality, grow the number of businesses in the UK, improve work life balance, utulise technology etc.

Reference 1: https://www.architectsjournal.co.uk/news/women-in-architecture-survey-9/10-women-say-children-hinder-careers/10003375.article

AEC People are the exclusive sponsors of Women In Construction at London Build 2019. Led by Our very own Sumaia Abdirashid.

Be your own boss!

The AEC People Business Start-up solution is a business management and support service. Designed to remove the workload and stress of running a business and managing the various IT, technical, support and service elements required when running a construction industry based company. It is primarily aimed at Women in construction due to these technical and process elements. But the solution can easily be customised to other industries. 

AEC People will take care of all those business and support elements to let you be the architect, engineer, builder, developer etc. that you set-out to be.

The service is genuinely designed to help with these issues. It is truly affordable and the service will be amazing. . . Really. There will be no traps or sales funnels.

You know you can do it and we will help you!

What is the business start-up solution aimed at Women in construction?

The AECP WIC is a service where AECP take on the responsibility and workload of setting up a fully functional business for you. Leaving you the time to be and architect, engineer, builder, developer etc.

 AEC people will be your:

  • – Business Manager
  • – Accountant
  • – IT support
  • – Project and tech support
  • – Software provider
  • – IT infrastructure provider
  • – Coach and trainer
  • AEC People run a cloud based business, paperless and very environmentally friendly and efficient. This is the model we will apply to your business. leaving you to work where and when you want. 
  • We do provide a prime location business address, for the design industry, where meeting rooms are available (for an additional hourly or day rate fee) if and when you need a meeting room for e.g. client meetings

The business we will setup and run for you will be fully BIM Level 2/ISO 19650 compliant and we will deliver the same implementation, training and support service as we do for all our clients. Meaning that you have the same backup and capability as large organisations but operate under a service that is tailored to a new start up that favor a flexible work/life balance.

Why are we providing this service?

This is something we could talk for hours about. But in a few bullet points, these are some of the reasons:

·             The number one reason is that we are entrepreneurial, and we like how our approach to business have improved our lives. We want to help and providing support for other people who want to work for them self.

·             We don’t agree with the discrimination the statistics show us and we can’t see a reason why such discrimination even exist. We are all professionals and people. To exclude or choose not to utilise professional experience based on gender or an individual being a parent is unsustainable. AEC People see the turning of this historical inequity into equity, as a major opportunity for all AEC Stakeholders. Leading us on to the next point

·             The long-term goal with this service is right on the money to where the UK Industrial Strategy is directing us. And with the changes in the Industry, we really believe that this approach to work and business is the future and benefit for individuals and for the UK construction

·             We are providing this specific service to help eradicating concerns of large investment and start-up capital and technical and business management issues.

What is included

The service is a subscription-based service (much like your Microsoft or Apple monthly subscription services) that include everything one need to setup and run a business in the AEC industry.

Cost: this is a subscription based service and the monthly fee will be based on the needs. However, the first 2 months are free, the total monthly fee will not be more than a private office for 1 person in central London and we apply a 15% Renewal discount after 12 months.

Included in the service:

·             BIM Level 2/ISO19650 compliant business – same technical and collaboration capability as the large businesses.

·             BIM and Information Management support with direct access to a dedicated person 5 days per week (i.e. Project support)

·             A cloud-based business with a prime location business address. Meeting rooms available for booking (at additional cost)

·             Control over your working hours and your work location

·             Full training – Technical, process, IT etc. so you can work comfortably

·             Remote support

·             Regular visits from your dedicated consultant

·             IT infrastructure setup and support

·             Business registration, setup and management

·             Accountancy

·             Marketing support including 3 page website and social media account setup.

·             Software license for Revit (one user)

·             Office in a Bag – All equipment you need to work when and where you need to

What is not included:

·             Legal support for your business. However, any knowledge or information we have or gain on the construction side we will share for free.

·             HR – however we are developing this as an option

·             PR or marketing campaigns. However, we will advise with what we know and support and market you with-in our network. Dedicated marketing support is available at an additional cost.

·             Upgrade or replacement of hardware or software. However, we will provide upgraded Revit and BIM process resources for free as and when we develop them.

·             Additional software licenses (i.e. if the business grows, the business need to invest in more computer and software). However, we are re-sellers of both hardware and software and offer exceptional discounts.

Added benefits

·             AEC People will market your business in our network as available BIM Level 2 / ISO 19650 compliant professional available for contracts

·             AEC People will actively try to find subcontracting projects for our Women in Construction network.

·             The AEC People Women in Construction network can be used to find collaborators on larger projects to avoid or reduce fees associated with employment of staff

·             Discount on recruitment

·             Discount on software licenses

·             Discount on computers

·             Discount on additional support days (when you win larger projects or expand the business)

·             Free upgrades AEC People make to standards and processes

·             AEC people having your back. If you are successful AEC people are successful.

What is required from you:

·             Pay deposit of £799 – to invest in your commitment and to help with the investment risk AEC people is taking in you. This should be a partnership.

·             Finding and delivering projects – we will help with this but this is your main responsibility along with delivery (that we also help you with)

·             Being and growing as a professional – Brutal honesty, it will be hard work even with our help. BUT, the reward is great and we can say that because we are doing what we want to help you to do.

·             Growing your network – We will help by marketing you in our network. But you need to be the face of your business.

Where is the catch?

  • The catch is that you need to commit to your business. As you would even if you didn’t use the AEC people service or if you got another job as an employed person. But with the AEC People the capital risk and day to day workload would be greatly reduced.
  • From AEC People, there is no catch or required additional fees or purchase to make this work.
  • This service is developed based on the knowledge and experience from serving and supporting many practices of various sizes and countless projects. It is also based on our own experience and methods for running AEC people as a business. We only use methods and processes we use our self.
  • If you do any research on the setup and running of a business (and you should) you probably end up with a discouraging to-do list and a significant amount of money needed for setting up and surviving for the critical first two years.
  • One thing we have learned is that being prepared is cheaper and less stressful than having to react. We have made that preparation for you.
  • The service we are providing aim to reduce or remove most of the risk elements with setting up on your own, to be in a position to develop and deliver a project in a collaborative and coordinated approach and securing the status of the business for growth based on UK construction industry directions.

Contact us today to take the first step